KRNA (フィリピン / Philippines)

KC Salazar (Vocals & Guitras)
Francis Ramos (Keyboards)
Janro Abian (Drums)

KRNAは、日本語の「Ki Re I Na(綺麗な)」を略した言葉。彼らは曲を制作、演出、演奏、ミュージックビデオの制作を行う際、この言葉に見合うような美しいものを創り出すことを目指している。

Abbreviated from the Japanese term, “kire-ina”, which easily translates to beautiful, KRNA aims to produce original songs, renditions, live performances and aesthetically remarkable music videos that coincide with this meaning.This Dream Pop outfit from Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines is composed of KC Salazar (vocals/guitars), Francis Ramos (keyboards), and Janro Abian (Drums).