Shak’thiya (シンガポール / Singapore)

Shak'thiya (Vocals, Guitars)

地元音楽シーンで「Shak」の愛称で知られているShak’thiya Subramaniammは、兵役中に音楽を創り始めた。詩を紡ぐ楽しさを見出し、シンガポールで毎月開催されるオープンマイク・プログラムに熱心に参加し始めたのもこの頃だった。そこからシンガーソングライターとしてのキャリアを重ねていく。まだ名前が知られていない頃からShakの感情に訴えかける深みのある歌声は多くの人の目に止まり、2016年にはNOISE Music Mentorship ProgrammeやNeon Lightsに参加、2017年にはThe Great Singapore Replayに参加し、Charlie Limに師事した。

Shak’thiya Subramaniamm, better known in the local music scene endearingly as just “Shak”, began writing music during his National Service. It was around this time when he also found a love for poetry and was an avid attendee of monthly Open-Mic programmes in Singapore, where he serendipitously first found audiences as a singer. When he was a relative newcomer to the music scene, Shak already stood out with his
rich vocal timbre and intense emotional delivery, and soon was selected to be part of the NOISE Music Mentorship programme (2016), Neon Lights (2016) and The Great Singapore Replay (2017) where he was mentored by Charlie Lim.