Iris Bevy (インドネシア / Indonesia)

Shaumil Kamilia - Vocals
Muhammad Rizky - Backing Vocals, Guitars, Synths
Jeremy Jonathan - Guitars
Satrio Adi Nugroho - Backing Vocals, Drums

Iris Bevyは、以前、インドネシアのバンドン市出身のインディーポップ/エレクトロポップグループであるPing Pong Clubとして知られていたが、元のメンバーが去った後、バンドは上品で華やかに咲くアヤメの花(Iris)から名付けたIris Bevyとして再結成された。

Iris Bevy was formerly known as Ping Pong Club, an indie pop / electro pop group from the city of Bandung, Indonesia. After the leave of its former members, the band decided to regroup into a new face called as Iris Bevy, which name was inspired by the elegant and colorfully bloomed Iris flowers. The new formation now consists of four members, Riz, Shau, Satrio and Jeremy, where the four members represents the four philosophical meaning of the flowers, of wisdom, hope, trust and valor. As the flower starts to bloom colorfully, so as this new formation.