Soft Pine (Thailand / タイ)


【Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023 出演日程 / Performance Schedule】
2/18(土) / Saturday 18th Feb.

@ Remy’s

Soft Pine(Thailand / タイ)

Soft Pine presents soothing and dreamy vibes. Talking about their ordinary day, laziness, plants and love. The band is a perfect match for your rock n roll yet a cozy days. Released the first full album in 2019 and the second album in 2020. It’s been 2 whole years that everyone has to experience the unpleasant moment of the pandemic. Same as Soft Pine. But now in 2022, the fully-loaded Soft Pine is back with “Brainwreck” the 3rd studio album that they took 2 years for the recording process that gives you a slight hint of their early work blended smoothly with the latest style.
The music interprets those feelings based on laid-back hypnagogic pop with looping drums pattern that was used in their debut era, goofy guitar riffs, and trippy bass-line.

Soft Pineは、癒しと夢のような雰囲気をお届けします。
2019年に1stフルアルバム、2020年に2ndアルバムをリリース。パンデミックという不快な瞬間を誰もが経験しなければならなかった2年の間、それはSoft Pineも同じでした。
しかし2022年、Soft Pineは、レコーディングに2年の歳月をかけ、初期作品の面影をわずかに残しながら、最新のスタイルと滑らかに融合した3枚目のスタジオ・アルバム『Brainwreck』を発表。