DOOR PLANT(Thailand / タイ)

【Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023 出演日程 / Performance Schedule】
2/18(土) / Saturday 18th Feb.

@ Remy’s

Door Plant(Thailand/タイ)

“DOOR PLANT” comes from the meaning indoor plants. Plants that can be raised inside your house : easy and hassle-free. They’ll help purify your surroundings like how their music will freshen you up making your feel at ease. Their presence makes you feel relaxed and they’re ready to grow with everyone. With distinctive songwriting styles and the will to share what they’ve experienced through music. Nevertheless, “DOOR PLANT” are open to experiment along the line, not being attached to a fixed genre. They’re about telling the story of the growth of this tree to everyone.

“DOOR PLANT “は、インドアプランツという意味からきています。家の中で育てられる植物は、手間がかかりません。それは、音楽を聴くと心が安らぐのと同じように、周りを浄化してくれます。