Nenashi(Japan / 日本)


【Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023 出演日程 / Performance Schedule】
2/19(日) / Sunday, 19th Feb.
@ Crossover  Cafe 614



自身の活動のみならず、720万人フォロワーを持つハワイが生んだTikTokスター Halia Beamerをはじめ、Aile The Shota、Sincere、LHRHND、THE SUPER FLYERS、SMOKIN’theJAZZ、maeshima soshi、Snowkなど国内外のアーティストのプロデュース・客演・作詞・コーラスを手がけるなど積極的に活動の場を広げている。
これまでも歌、ラップ、ビートボックスを自由に使いこなし、その並外れた音域とグルーヴ感で新たな質感を表現するソウルシンガーとして活動してきたNenashi a.k.a. Hiro-a-key。

This is a project by Hiro-a-key, a bilingual artist who grew up in Japan and the United States.
He started his career singing in English, the common language, without disclosing his nationality, face, or any other identities.

Hiro-a-key has traveled to more than 20 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the Bahamas, Argentina, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, France, England, Germany, and Switzerland, and has been exposed to different cultures. He named himself “Nenashi” after the Japanese word for “rootless.

In addition to his own activities, he is actively expanding his activities as a producer, guest performer, lyricist, and chorus singer for domestic and international artists such as Halia Beamer, a TikTok star from Hawaii with 7.2 million followers, Aile The Shota, Sincere, LHRHND, THE SUPER FLYERS, SMOKIN’theJAZZ, maeshima soshi, Snowk, and many more.

Nenashi a.k.a. Hiro-a-key has been active as a soul singer who freely uses singing, rapping, and beatboxing to express new textures with his extraordinary range and groove.

Even after revealing his identity, the journey of this remarkable multi-artist continues as he continues to be shared by music freaks all over the world.