Darthreider a.k.a. Rei Wordup(Vo)
Koji Ota (Dr)
Daisaku Katsuhara (Ba)
Tomohiko Gondo (Horn, Synthesizer)
Dub Master X(PA)

Darthreider a.k.a. Rei Wordup (Vo), Ota Koji (Dr), Daisaku Katsuhara (Ba), Dub Master X (PA), and Gondo Tomohiko. Free-spirited drums and bass pound out the rhythm, a one-eyed eye patch MC sings in every direction, horns and synths fly around, and all sounds shake the space violently. A one-of-a-kind band that sounds cool music in an untested zone, their live performance at Zandari Festa in Seoul, Korea in 2019 was well received, and they are scheduled to perform in Shanghai, Mongolia, Vietnam, and more. They’ll be making rhythms everywhere, in convenience stores, museums, plazas, festivals, you name it!