Her elongated and deep voice reflects her way of life. Her vibrant soul resonates deep within the audience and shakes their souls.

Born in 1969, she moved to New York in her 20s to pursue her favorite sound, and attended church in Harlem. After that, he wandered the African continent in search of further roots. There, he began his pursuit of an identity as “my uta. Currently, while growing rice in a winter-flooded farm, he continues his pursuit by utilizing the teachings he receives from the soil in his musical expression. He performs in events and live spaces with his own band and unit. As a solo artist, he has performed with artists of various genres. He is active in recording, commercial songs, and live concerts. In May 2016, he released his first album as a solo artist, “Point to the Line”. In the same year, he started a unit with the late Shuichi Murakami Ponta, touring several times a year throughout Japan. 2nd album “Hare to Ke” was released as a book CD in March 2021.