[Okinawa] New music festival in circuit style will be held to support the local music across generations! “GENERATION ROCK -Music from Okinawa- 2022”



[Lineup] Naz / Johnny Ginowan / THE SAKISHIMA meeting / HARAHELLS / Maltese Rock / WanChai Connection / TOSH / Shaolong to the Sky / Mekarujin / SOLVALS / Lilly drop / Kokoro to Kotoba / Nodamn

Food: Rotton


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment scene in Okinawa has been halted for nearly 2 years. Artists, concert venues, and all people involved in the industry have been negatively affected in various ways.


To make a fresh start in January 2022, a circuit style music festival will be held in Naha city at Output, Sakurazaka Theater and Fanfare.


This will be a great opportunity to see the best performances of Okinawan artists of all ages like Naz, Johnny Ginowan, THE SAKISHIMA meeting, TOSH, and more. Be the witness of the high-quality performances and feel the energy of “Okinawan rock.”


Date: January 10, 2022 (National holiday)

Venues: Output / Sakurazaka Theater Hall B / Fanfare

Time: Open at 12:30 / Start at 13:00

Ticket price:     Early bird ticket: 2,800 yen

Same-day ticket: 3,000 yen

(500 yen will be additionally charged for a drink)

  • Enter all 3 venues with the event entry wristband.
  • Tickets can be exchanged with the event entry wristband at Output.

Early bird tickets are handled by eplus

Contact information: Output 098-943-7031

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