TOSH(Vocals / Guitars)

TOSH started his music career in Naha as a solo artist in the summer of 2019.
With his roots in rock, he pursues genre-less world-standard pop music by condensing various musical elements such as pop, alternative, indie rock, R&B, etc, etc.
In January 2020, he released his first EP “IN MY ROOM.” (Music from Okinawa), which was created in his bedroom with an ipad and guitar.
Since then, he has been consistently releasing his music for distribution as follows.

Lost Boy” (2020/8)
Summer’s Gone” (2020/8)
wish you (feat. Eijiharrison)” (2020/9)
RUSTY” (2020/10)
Ashes” (2020/11)
Magic Feeling” (2021/2)