Okinawa] “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021” has been postponed.

It was announced that “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021”, “Trans Asia Music Meeting 2021”, “Sakurazaka Marche” and “Music Town Marche” scheduled for 1/16 (Sat) – 1/17 (Sun) would be postponed.
Although Okinawa was not directly targeted, it was determined that it would be very difficult to hold music festivals under the circumstances where a state of emergency has been declared in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and many artists and audiences from the metropolitan area are participating.

The following is a comment from the organizer

The festival has been postponed, not cancelled. This time, we will be inviting artists from all over Asia to perform online. We are asking them to promote this festival in various cities in Asia. We will introduce bands from Okinawa, Japan overseas, and introduce Asian bands in Japan. We can’t afford to lose these opportunities, and I believe that we must continue to provide music and entertainment.
We are currently making arrangements to hold the event at the earliest possible date, depending on the situation with Corona. Once again, we sincerely apologize for the last-minute decision to postpone the event, and we ask for your understanding in light of the situation.

The postponed event date, ticket refund method, etc. will be announced at noon on Friday, January 15.

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