【Okinawa】Parsha Club, Syakari, Toru Yonaha Special Live, the latest videos are unveiled !

On May 8th (Sat), “Parsha Club, Syakari, Toru Yonaha Special Live” was held at Music Town Oto Ichiba in Okinawa City, Japan and the latest live video was released.

In the video, Parsha Club, Syakari, and Toru Yonaha perform a song from their respective live performances.
It’s been a long time since all three groups have performed to an audience, so they are performing with great tension.

The following are the songs that were shown in the video

Parsha Club “Gokokuhojyo”
Syakari: “Waratte”
Toru Yonaha: “Kataru Umui ha Tomokara no Yume”


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