【Okinawa】”Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023″2nd lineup announcement (EN)

Upper(L→R) MassMan(Taiwan) / Daniel Ryn(Thailand) / Soft Pine(Thailand) / Panician(Thailand)  Lower(L→R) Famous Japanese(Japan) / Two Pills Afer Meal(Thailand) / TOSH(Okinawa) / AlkaSilka(Okinawa)

The 2nd Lineup: 10 artists from Okinawa, 3 from Japan, and 7 from overseas,
for a total of 20 artists announced!

We are pleased to announce the second lineup for “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023” to be held in Okinawa City from February 17 (Fri.)-19 (Sun.), 2023. There will be 10 artists from Okinawa, 3 from Japan, and 7 from overseas, for a total of 20 artists. Together with the previously announced artists, the total number of artists will be 39. (Some bands are still in the process of being confirmed)

Okinawa= HOME / TOSH / yukaD / Okinawa Electric Girl Saya / alkasilka / Yuka Takara SOLVALS / Maltese Rock / 碧/AO / Takashi Yoshimura


Japan= Famous Japanese / Herbert Hunger a.k.a Daiho Soga / Tokyo Aburi Gorilla

Overseas=HEYNAM SiN X PATiENTS(South Korea)Juan Karlos(Philippines)Mass Man(Taiwan)Soft Pine(Thailand)Daniel Ryn(Thailand)TWO PILLs AFTER MEAL(Thailand)Panician(Thailand)

Upper(L→R) Tokyo Aburi Gorilla(Japan) / Yuka Takara(Okinawa) / 碧/AO(Okinawa) / Juan Karlos(Philippines) / SOLVALS(Okinawa)    Lower(L→R) Okinawa Electric Girl Saya(Okinawa) / Takashi Yoshimura(Okinawa) / Maltese Rock(Okinawa) / Herbert Hunger a.k.aDaiho Soga(Japan)

Showcase festivals are also held in other Asian cities. Through matching artists with Delegates, a group of people involved in the music industry, showcase festivals have become an established mechanism for independent artists to reach new markets overseas, and some of these artists have achieved international success.

James Minor, head of the music department at SXSW (USA), the pioneer of showcases around the world, describes showcase appearances as an “investment. It is rare for a showcase to pay for travel and appearance fees. The artists bear a heavy burden, but the opportunity to build new relationships and deepen exchanges with the international music community is a great benefit that makes the “investment” worthwhile. We have invited many domestic and international delegates to “Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2023,” and we are aiming to create new opportunities for both parties.

For this showcase, we received applications from 40 domestic and 66 international artists. Including this 2nd lineup, a total of 39 groups (Okinawa: 16 groups, Japan: 10 groups, Overseas: 13 groups) were selected to perform. The artists are from a wide variety of genres and have both ability and potential. We are confident that this will be a festival of new musical discoveries for music fans in general.

「Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2023 / Trans Asia Music Meeting 2023」

Dates: February 17 (Friday)-19 (Sunday), 2023
Location:Music Town Oto-Ichiba and surrounding area
Hours: (to be determined)

Tickets: (All seats unreserved)
1-day ticket: 2,000 yen in advance, 2,500 yen at the door
2-day pass: 3,500 yen in advance, 4,000 yen at the door
High school students and younger: 1,000 yen in advance/at the door (ID required)
1 drink order (500 yen each day) is required at the door.
Admission to each venue is possible after changing wristbands at Music Town Oto-Ichiba.
Admission may be restricted.

<Tickets sales start on Thursday, January 5, 2023>

Ticket outlet: Music Town Oto-Ichiba / Sakurazaka theater / e-plus Family Mart / Lawson Ticket / Ticket Pia / Teruya Gakki / Fukuhara Gakki / Campus Records

2-day passes are available only at Music Town Oto-Ichiba and Sakurazaka Theater.

To prevent the spread of the Covid-19, the event will be held in accordance with the guidelines set forth in Okinawa Prefecture’s latest response policy.

Information and reservations by phone: Music Town Oto-Ichiba 098-932-1949

Organized by: Okinawa City, Music Town Oto-Ichiba

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